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What makes Coaching different?

Co-active coaching is a process, based on inquiry and self-exploration which facilitates your personal and/or professional development.  Coaching is not advice, therapy or counselling.  Generally, coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes in duration. Due to COVID restrictions, the majority of sessions take place over Zoom.  Depending on the Coaching Agenda a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended, with sessions scheduled to suit the client's individual needs.

As your coach Dairín will challenge, encourage and support you through the process.  You will get the best results from coaching once you fully commit and engage in the process, be open about your expectations and wishes, have a willingness to change and an understanding that you are responsible for any and all actions resulting from coaching.  Everything discussed at a coaching session is strictly confidential. 

Coaching can have a hugely positive and lasting impact on your professional and personal life, helping you to gain clarity, direction, focus and determination around your goals and future plans.  Over the past year, many people have found that their focus has changed and their clarity has become 'foggy'.  We are living through a time of great mental challenge.  Resilience and strength of mind are needed to navigate us through these times and ensure we come out stronger, more focused and excited about what lies ahead.

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