Types of Coaching Available

GP Practice Coaching & Mentoring

Each program is designed to individually suit practice needs.
With over 15 years experience managing busy GP Practices, and as a fully qualified, accredited coach, Oakleaf Coaching supports and challenges GPs and Practice Managers to maximise their potential and achieve their goals.
Team training also available.  

Executive Coaching

People focused industry

Individual sessions to;
- identify challenges and focus on areas for growth
- set goals and identify pathways to success
- build awareness of balancing success in both business and life.
Team sessions to maximise efficiency, communication, team work and the bottom line.



Gaining and maintaining clarify and focus on individual goals
Exploring your options
Building awareness of what personally defined success, wellness and balance looks like
Overcoming overwhelm and focusing on positive progress.

Dairín Patry

Oak Leaf Coaching

Dublin, Ireland

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