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Becoming Friends with Exercise

Working as a Coach, I am constantly drawn to ‘working towards true wellness’. Until recently, I was in denial about what an important role exercise plays in achieving this. Physical exercise and fitness forms part of any discussion about wellness, but being honest, that’s where I left it – in discussions! Until now.

People often assume that if you are slim, you are fit, or at least have some level of fitness. Wrong!

So, what was stopping me from exercising? In a word, resistance. I was comfortable; happy enough to not give it much thought and lazily accepting the idea that fortunately I didn’t need to exercise to lose weight - all thanks to genetics and apparently a high metabolism! I was very happy to focus on other aspects of wellness; reading, prioritising my time and meditating. I was also very happy to relax in the evenings, happy in the knowledge that I was working towards my total wellness. I had no real need to exercise, not a visible need anyway. What I hadn’t realised was that I had a need to exercise; a mental and emotional need.

It was only when I was given the opportunity to attend a Kathryn Thomas Pure Results Bootcamp that I came to realise just how unfit I am and how positive exercise can be! It was an amazingly happy day, despite the fact that I spent a good deal of it in pain!!! The positive endorphins that are released through exercise kept me smiling through the pain and discomfort!

Two things I learned from the day:

1. I now need to keep it up and exercise regularly. I need to build up strength, stamina and general physical wellness.

2. Stepping out of my comfort zone is good for me! I have made the decision to do something outside my comfort zone at least once a week. (today it was trampolining!)

I have a busy life. Setting up and running my own business takes a huge amount of time and dedication, along with normal family life and pressures.

To ensure I keep focused on ‘wellness’ I have written an ‘I promise myself’ list. I have a list of things that feed my sense of wellness, and I promise myself that I will spend half an hour on 2 things per day (maybe first thing in the morning, at lunchtime or last thing at night).

1. Meditate

2. Read

3. Forest walk with my dogs

4. Go to bed half an hour earlier than usual

I have now added exercise to this i.e. jog with the dogs instead of walk, follow a workout class online etc. I have also set myself the challenge of doing another bootcamp next year and being more physically able for it! Baby steps – being able to touch my toes will be a good first step!

My words of advice: push yourself outside your comfort zone. Identify what you have been avoiding and ask yourself ‘why?’. If it’s exercise, take it from someone who understands just how comfortable it is to avoid it, just do it!!

As a Coach, I love working with people to help them identify their ‘self-set limitations’ and instead create new ‘self-set permissions’ leading to positive action and impact.

Good things happen at the end of your comfort zone!

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