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Ewa Duraj

Name:   Ewa Duraj
Age:      35

My motto:   If I don't try, I won't know.

Role of coaching in my life:  

I have always been very curious about people and loved helping others. Coaching gives me both. I strongly believe that everyone has amazing potential, we just need to unlock it with the right questions.  Personally, coaching helped me when starting my new life in France. I overcame some internal resistance, clarified my boundaries between my work and private life, identified my values and defined success for me.

PROFILE:   Career and Business Coach and Trainer

Based in:   Annecy, France


10 years of HR & L&D in Ireland, Canada and France, over 3 years of PM experience in digital media & training, currently working with local universities including HEG Geneva, IAE Annecy and IPAC business school.


Graduated in HR, PM, Business, International Politics, and Coaching

Passionate about:  

Lifelong learning, new technologies & social media, and positive psychology.


CIPD & Quality Coaching Circle Ireland & ICF Switzerland. ICF Swiss Romande volunteer responsible for social media and event management.


Typical agendas:

Career change, financial planning, work life balance, expats, business creation and development, wellness, life effectiveness, self-confidence etc.

Client base:

France, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland and South Africa

Coaching sessions:

Face to face or via Skype/Whatsapp/Facebook


English, Polish and French.

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